About us

Acoustic Brewery is Nelson’s smallest commercial brewery! Started in 2022, we are a nanobrewery not far from the city centre. We specialise in batch-brewed craft beers that showcase our dedication to crafting a delicious draught.

About our beer

Here at Acoustic Brewery, we follow a few guiding principles when making our beer. These focus our efforts on what we consider the most important things to have in beer, and ensure we never lose sight of our goal - to make simply great craft beer!

  • Keep it simple. We aim to honour the traditional styles by staying as true to form as possible. It is always better when you know what you’re going to get before you have your first sip, and sometimes craft beer can drift away from that. Keeping it simple means picking a style, and trying to perfect it, rather than inventing something entirely new.
  • Keep it balanced. We think the best beer has the perfect balance of flavours, that complement and enhance each other without any one aspect getting in the way. We are passionate about creating the most rounded, balanced, beer possible, across all styles.
  • Keep it interesting. We think there are many styles of beer which are under-represented and under-appreciated. Outside of our core range, we want to bring styles from around the world to the craft beer scene. We are always experimenting and investigating new options for us to make, so keep an eye out for what’s new!